Real Maple Syrup

About Us

Once upon a time, there was a loud family from suburban New Jersey who bought property in the quiet foothills of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.

They rode quads and snowmobiles. They built a barn and a bought a tractor. They planted apple trees and fields of tall grasses to attract the wildlife. There were crazy-fun bonfires at night and their own backyard fireworks shows that echoed across the lake. They survived mud season with two boys and three dogs. For the men, peeing off the porch became the norm. They adapted to life in the mountains, and it was good.

Then one day, Papa Bear decided to try his hand at making maple syrup. 

"I am going to tap maple trees and make our own maple syrup," he proudly proclaimed.

"What the #@%#! are you talking about," Mama Bear said with the look of, here we go again.

And just like that, Jersey was in the sugaring business. We hope you like the taste of our maple products. They are made with a lot of heart.

Pure Goodness. Sweet Taste.    

Hours of Operation
101 Dow Road
Cold Brook, NY
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Nothing but sap and fire is used to produce our 100% real maple syrup.