Real Maple Syrup
  1. bundled maple syrup gifts
    Our Woods Maple Syrup
    We love bringing our real maple syrup to your family. Made with nothing but sap from the maple tree, and a lot of love.
  2. Maple Syrup Grades
    Maple Products
    We make many products using only real NY maple syrup.
  3. Farmers' Market selling maple syrup
    Farmers' Markets
    It all started at wonderful farmers' markets across New Jersey. We are so grateful to the many towns who continue to help us grow.
  4. Montefusco Family
    You know who makes it!
    Sugarman John
  5. Three dogs
    The three pups
    Lloyd, Lois and that order.
  6. Sugarhouse
    The sugarhouse
    This is where the magic happens!
  7. Evaporator
    We run a wood-fired evaporator. A lot more work. But something about retaining a bit of nostalgia we like.
  8. Wood pile
    Takes a lot of wood
    Every eight minutes during a boil, wood needs to be added to maintain a constant consistent temperature.
Hours of Operation
101 Dow Road
Cold Brook, NY
Call for hours of
Nothing but sap and fire is used to produce our 100% real maple syrup.